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Mutual Masturbation in the Park

Aug 6th.

While I have never had actual physical contact (as of yet) with another man, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen several other dicks being stroked and shooting nice thick streams of cum. Nor is it to say that I’ve not enjoyed being watched by males as I’ve stroked my dick to many messy orgasms (either on them or in front of them).

One of my favorite "naughty" experiences is to get dressed in a fairly tight, very short pair of cut-off jeans, sneakers, and a button down oxford shirt. Below my shorts I am usually wearing a vibrant pair of lace panties and often (but not always) a matching bra. Seven out of ten times I will also have a butt-plug inserted for this excursion. After I am fully "prepared," I then drive to a park that is a favorite meeting place for gay sex and masturbation.

As I get closer to the park, I usually open my shirt so as to "just about" reveal that I am wearing a bra…or, if I’m "only" wearing panties, I will open it to my waist and partially unsnap/zip my shorts as I begin to walk into the thickly wooded park. While I expect many others would receive the same reaction, if there is anyone in the parking lot, I will always hear car doors close as I walk past on my way to find a secluded section of the woods. I usually pretend not to notice the reactions I elicit and instead proceed to find a "secluded" area.

As I find a spot that allows me to see anyone approaching, while still offering the veil of being "hidden," I slowly let my shorts and panties fall to my ankles. I open my shirt (often revealing my bra) and wait till someone who looks interesting happens along. By this time my dick is really dripping long strings of clear pre-cum and sticking straight up. Soon a person arrives where they can clearly see that I am nearly nude and masturbating,

I make sure to avert my attention and pretend to be totally absorbed in stroking my penis in public. Eventually I will "suddenly" notice I am being watched. I then act "embarrassed" but continue to jack-off. Usually the guy will either watch for a while or will stroll right over to my position for a closer "look." As my "unexpected" guest arrives, I shyly explain that I hope they will either watch me masturbate, masturbate with me, or have me masturbate and ejaculate on them, but that is as far as it will go. Often the two or, frequently, the three of us then head for a really secluded section.

Once fairly privately situated, I will usually totally strip except for my panties, bra, and shoes. This usually inspires my partner(s) to drop their pants or shorts (you’d be surprised how many are also wearing panties, not usually a bra though) and we will end up in a sort of mirror masturbation/contest. Often we will put on erotic jack-off shows for each other (i.e. can you cum without touching your dick…how far can you shoot, who can catch the most in their mouth, or who can be nastiest with their own sperm). [I often "win" when the guy shoots off on his chest and maybe smears it in. I then lay back, raise my legs over my head (which often reveals my plug) and with legs splayed wide I squirt as much sperm as I can into my mouth and then smear the remainder over my face, as if I was using Ivory liquid soap to wash with.]

Some of the most exciting times involve three of us having an old fashioned circle-jerk. I love seeing other men masturbate (the slower the better), and then strain to squirt their cum as forcefully as possible. As I am into golden showers (my own) I am often able to "spark" some guys to nearly instantaneous orgasms by laying back (and without warning) start peeing over my chest and face. I’ve seen many a man’s soft dick shoot straight up upon him seeing me do this. I’ve even seen some guys cum before they get fully hard.

On one occassion a pair of guys couldn’t believe what they were seeing, as my piss washed my face and filled my mouth. They ended up with one guy fucking the other for what he said was his first time. That was certainly fun to watch in the public park. Just as the bottom guy squirted his cum all over, the top pulled out and finished fully layering the bottom’s face with cream. I do love the parks.

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